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Are you a prisoner to your own negative thoughts? 
Do you experience a persistent feeling of unease?
Do you find yourself wanting to run away from feelings, people and the world?
Are you caught in a cycle of behaviour that is holding you back from where you want to be?
Do you feel ashamed of things from your past?
Do you find that even after time has passed you still feel deep pain from past experiences?

Unresolved trauma shows up subtly and sometimes not so subtly in many different areas of our lives, Trauma Timeline Therapy is designed to help you create freedom from trauma in your life so you can live a fulfilling lifestyle.

Trauma Timeline Therapy - a personalised 1:1 package created to meet you exactly where you are in your healing process. My holistic approach blends mind, body, and spirit, offering you a transformative pathway towards freedom from past trauma and emotional burdens.

What is trauma?

Trauma is the experience of symptoms after an experience or event that was overwhelming or perceived as life threatening. Traumatic events and experiences can affect us long after it is over, this is because trauma lives in the body, triggered by memories or similarities. 


Trauma can impact us majorly, causing disruption to every area of our lives. 

Trauma is complex and is not a one size fits all diagnosis, symptoms and severity of trauma is different in each person but can also come and go throughout life being re-triggered by stressful situations or life changes


My approach

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Traumatic events and experiences can affect us long after it is over, this is because trauma lives in the body, triggered by memories or similarities. Trauma can impact us majorly, causing disruption to every area of our lives. 


Trauma timeline therapy is my signature regression process that I created after working not only through my own trauma but also with clients throughout my studies. In this comprehensive therapy package, we dive into the root causes of trauma, guiding you through a structured process that combines holistic practices, somatic healing, and therapeutic methodologies. 


This therapy isn't just about addressing symptoms; it's about freeing you from the shackles of limiting beliefs, anxiety, and the pain stemming from unresolved trauma. I recognize that trauma deeply affects every facet of your being - mind, body, and spirit. That's why my approach is holistic, working to heal on all levels.

Trauma Timeline Therapy takes a different path, integrating somatic practices alongside traditional therapeutic methods. This unique process, born from my personal experiences and extensive work with clients, aims to reframe trauma imprints by engaging both the mind and body. This holistic approach yields powerful results, alleviating emotional distress and physical symptoms.


Why did I create Trauma Timeline Therapy?

I spent years and years in confusion, receiving label after label, retracing events and a space to talk,but that is where it ended. Sometimes I would leave a therapy session feeling so distraught after bringing things to surface but not doing anything with them. 

My journey through trauma, therapy labels, and the repeated cycle of therapy sessions without tangible solutions inspired the creation of Trauma Timeline Therapy. I've merged my expertise in modern psychology, holistic therapies, and alternative healing practices to offer a pathway that heals at its core - addressing the interconnection between mind and body.

During the years I spent in and out of therapy after a chaotic and traumatic childhood filled with violence, trauma, sex abuse and unstable environments, I was diagnosed with PTSD and Anxiety. I lived my life extremely on edge, regular panic attacks, low self-esteem and avoided facing the pain with toxic destructive behaviour and addictions. 

My life felt so out of my control, I couldn't see a way forward and talking about what happened to me over and over again with no support, connection or solution . . . it didn't help me - I had the labels, the therapists but had never felt so confused. 

No matter how many therapists I would seek, the same process would repeat over and over, the same feelings of confusion over and over, the same labels over and over. I would reach my point of confusion leave therapy, end up back in avoidance only just to end up back in therapy months or years later repeating that same toxic cycle. 

We are all unique beings and I don't believe a one size fits all approach is suitable, its crucial to connect our mind and body for whole healing, because when we only heal one part of us, the other parts still remain unhealed.

From my own journey I could see a space in the modern western therapy approaches, a space that lead me to eventually decide to start studying to become an Anthropologist specialising in holistic therapies. I have a Bachelors in Psychology & Social Anthropology and currently completing my Masters of Counselling. I am influenced deeply by holistic healing systems and am also qualified in Reiki and currently perusing Medical Herbalism studies.. Holistic wellness and healing is my jam!

During my studies I have now been able to witness from the inside of studying modern Psychology and eastern holistic therapies through my Social Anthropology studies why I as a patient was feeling so confused but also the limitations in support available to us in this 'modern' side of the world. We are taught to treat the obvious symptoms but with a holistic foundation I look at the root cause of your symptoms and how this is affecting all areas of your life and wellness not just the symptoms.​ Alternative therapies allow more space to explore connection between the mind and body, past the diagnosis and allows space to transform it.  ​I get to connect with the person seeking support and look at connection, well-being and support for this person, instead of just a diagnosis. 

Learning alternative approaches and tools I have been able to transform my life using a combination of both modern therapies mixed with holistic therapies to create holistic resources and tool  which will now work to transform your life! 

My unique approach is to merge multiple modalities and tools that are available for us. Hand in hand both modern and holistic therapies can become life changing when we use them to adapt to the person.

When you work with me not only will I help you to expand towards solutions, process and transform feelings but I am able to resonate deeply with your process and bring experience and understanding from my own personal journey and recovery.

Finer details

Sessions will be conducted remotely via Zoom, ensuring a safe and conducive environment for our exploration. I encourage you to bring a journal and an open heart.


Due to the depth of the work ommitting to three months together, either in weekly or fortnightly 50 minute sessions, sets the foundation for your healing journey.I believe that transformation takes place over time and not overnight.

After our container you may book single one off sessions as or if you need.



6x Fortnightly Sessions

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12x Weekly Sessions

Trauma Timeline Therapy is an investment in your well-being. To make this transformative journey accessible for many, I have Your Holistic Therapy private payment plans that begin at $25 per week and also AfterPay available. Please click your preferred payment option below for the sessions you would like to book.

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