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Dear Human

Hello amazing people!

I'm so grateful to have you in this space again!

I hope you are enjoying the scheduled blogs, writing is such a powerful tool on my journey and I am so grateful to not only share my words and thoughts with you but to have space held for me while I show my most authentic expression.

This week I went to my usual women's group that is held on a Wednesday and tonight we had an intimate group of just four of us, our theme was self love and self worth and what it would look like to give ourselves love and forgiveness.

We all wrote letters to ourselves and them shared them with the group ... it was truly powerful for me and so today I thought I would share something a little different and share my own letter that I wrote.

Thanks for showing up and reading my soul words, this was really powerful, so grateful for Katy who opened up the space and allowed these words to be heard.

I entice you to write your own letter and see what come out.

Love Mel xo

Dear Human,

I see your heart from the inside and let me tell you she is pure love and good.

I wish you could see her how I do because you would never question your worth.

She is unique and one of a kind, there is no other heart or human like you, and that's what makes you, you.

I chose you because you had the strength and courage to allow me to experience all this life has to offer.

I know sometimes you make mistakes, I know sometimes you feel shame, but I know your heart and your intentions to be better everyday.

Your body is perfect just the way she is, she is a portal that other souls enter through, do you see how magical that is!

She allows us to move and experience this life.

She allows me to see the world through you and I thank you.

You should tell your jokes more because they are seriously funny, show this side more, you do not need to stay in the shadows, you are light, we are light.

I'm sorry for the things you have endured but know I was and will always be with you.

I want you to forgive yourself, release shame, we, you, are so magical.

I'm grateful for how open you are, this not only draws in other humans to you but allows me to experience and connect with you more.

Remember we are one, you are never alone.

I love watching you with your children, remember they chose you to help their purpose.

They chose you because just like me they see your unlimited potential.

Your outer beauty does not compare to the view I have on the inside.

I want you to release all thoughts, people and events because I promise you there is so much more and we, you and I, are worthy.

You are worthy.

You have been doing the work, I am so proud of you.

Forgive your Mum, just remember her heart is also love and you, we, me ... I chose her.

The drive you possess is more than I could have asked for, we will excell further than any life before.

I'm so proud to be with you.

I love every inch of you, you speak truth, you are open, you are a magnet, you are love, you are exciting and you are compassionate.

Thank you.

Love soul.

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