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3 things no-one tells you about healing

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Healing is beautiful right but its also messy as fuck.

Everyone tells you about how much better your life is going to be on the other side but no-one prepares you what goes on in the middle.

I remember when I was in the thick of my healing journey genuinely thinking, what is wrong with me - it felt like every time I made one step forward I took 5 billion steps backwards, at times I even thought that I was beginning to get worse!

#1 - Change is slow

Change is slow AF. As many steps as you take forward it can feel like you take just as many back, and it can feel like a rollercoaster a lot of the time. This is all “normal” and expected. The reason we go backwards at times can be because of a couple of things: self worth, limiting beliefs, habits BUT the great thing is that every time we go backwards and we pull ourselves back forward we are creating evidence for ourselves.

#2 - It requires all of your energy

No-one prepared me for how much time and energy it would take to heal. For about 12 months I wore only gym clothes, no makeup - I had no external energy to focus on the smaller things, I was really in survival mode.

It requires all of your energy - You cannot get through healing passively, it requires all of your time and healing and other areas of your life and relationships will suffer, I’m not gonna sugar coat it, people will feel a type of way about you because you don’t show up like you used too for them.

"Abandonment trauma will lead you." – unknown

#3 - It can be extremely lonely

Loneliness became a constant echo in my day to day. I didn’t know it prior to healing but what I learn during healing was that a lot of the foundations if connections in my life were built from my unresolved trauma, low self worth and misaligned values. I had a lot of friends before heading when I would still party but the moment I got serious about my healing things became lonely. There is many reasons for this, one being that your healing can highlight to others where they need to do work and they aren’t ready but it can also show where you entered into relationships that weren’t healthy for you.

A lot of your relationships will not survive as you heal. As your mindset, values and identity changes, some relationships will be misaligned and this can often e a lonely journey with many moments of grief for what was.

Don’t Forget Healing is a gradual process.

If you’re looking for support from someone who has walked the path you have, who understands it - gets where you are then look no further.

At Your Holistic Therapy my guidance comes not only through my profession but through own healing journey.

If you're seeking additional support, my self-led masterclasses, courses, or personalized 1:1 therapy sessions could offer invaluable guidance. Visit the services tab here to explore the various ways I can assist you on your healing journey.

Sending you so much love and strength brave soul.

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