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Healthy Connections Masterclass

Attachment styles and unresolved trauma are intertwined elements that significantly impact how we form and maintain connections throughout our lives. Our attachment style, shaped by early experiences with caregivers, influences our emotional responses and coping mechanisms in relationships. When unresolved trauma is present, it can intensify attachment challenges, leading to patterns of insecurity, avoidance, or anxious attachment. Unaddressed traumatic experiences can echo into adulthood, shaping our perceptions of trust, intimacy, and vulnerability. Understanding this connection is crucial for creating healthy relationships.

This is for you if ...

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🫶 you find yourself repeating unhealthy (toxic) relationships but are unsure how to break the cycle

🫶 are sick of that dreaded feeling that no-one is ever going to love you

🫶 are ready to build loving and intimate relationships

🫶 you desire fulfilling relationships but are so scared of intimacy

🫶 you struggle to maintain deep connections

🫶 you feel anxious AF in your relationship for "no reason"

🫶 you avoid connection at all cost

🫶 you stay in the relationship "for the kids"

🫶 you stay because you don't think you'll find better

🫶 you haven't had a relationship in years because you are independent

The impact you can expect after the masterclass:

🫶 deep insights about your attachment style and how this has been impacting your current relationships

🫶 confidence and knowing in your self worth and value as the amazing human you are

🫶 creating loving and intimate relationships built on secure foundations

🫶 full trust in your partner

🫶 learned strategies to break unhealthy connections

🫶 deep and meaningful connections

🫶 ownership

What is this masterclass?

Are you craving for more meaningful and fulfilling connections in your life? Do you find yourself repeating patterns in relationships, unsure of how to break free from the cycle? My Healthy Connections Masterclass is your transformative journey to unravel the complexities of attachment styles, heal your inner child, and learn how to build thriving connections.

You will receive lifetime access to the replay and all resources.

Guided Somatic Release

Guided Somatic Meditation led by Mel, experienced in somatic healing, this masterclass features a somatic meditation designed to release trapped energies and trauma stored within the body whilst gaining insight about your styles and any inner child unresolved wounds.

Additional resources

You will also receive access to a prerecorded informative session bringing deeper awareness to attachment styles and a bonus 5 minute affirmations recording designed to change your beliefs daily. Participants also receive an exclusive discount to use on other resources.

Meet your facilitator

Hey there! I'm Mel, the heart and soul behind Your Holistic Therapy.


I am a devoted mother, partner, and entrepreneur, who has a passion for holistic wellness.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social Anthropology, and currently pursuing a Master's in Counselling, my academic journey guides me in advocating for natural approaches to trauma and mental health, rooted in personal experience.

Your Holistic Therapy is my vision for a healing space where natural and modern systems align to support others in their journey to overcome addiction and unresolved trauma, offering affordable resources and services.

I'm a fierce advocate for natural wellness, embodying a lifestyle centered on plant-based nutrition, mindfulness, and a balanced mind, body, and soul.


I aim to bridge the gap between mainstream therapy and natural healing modalities, advocating for their integration into holistic wellness practices.

As a mother navigating the complexities of raising three beautiful souls, my personal journey fuels my commitment to holistic living, resilience, and continual growth.


Through this lens, I inspire and empower others to embrace a balanced, authentic life.

Welcome to my world



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Live Masterclass is for Feb 27th @ 7.30pm. If you cannot attend live you will have lifetime access to the recording

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