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Dance in the Shadows

Travel to the depths of your subconscious and
dance in the shadows with you inner child.

Learn the tools to heal
transform your trauma wounds.

Reclaim your power
rewrite your story.

If you're ready to change your life
then your in the right space.

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Are you ready to dance ?

Dance in the shadows is all about bringing to the surface parts of us that are hidden below, that live deep in our subconscious, the conditioned parts we try to hide, some wounds that still unknowingly or knowingly surface in areas of our lives now.

When we heal trauma wounds, we shift our mindset and remove trauma triggered conditioned beliefs. 

Shadow work is extremely rewarding on the road to inner peace and reclaiming your authentic power that you've always had inside.

Travel  to the depths of your inner child.

Learn the tools to heal and transform trauma wounds.

Reclaim your power and rewrite your story.

In my signature program I will show you how to safely and intentionally travel through your shadows and work with your inner child to release limiting beliefs and create an integrated and holistic transformation in your life released from the pain of the past .


Shadow work doesn't have to be scary, we build a strong and empowered foundation before dancing in the dark. 


What is shadow work ?

Carl Jung, a psychologist, spent his life studying the human personality and mind. Among his numerous developments in psychoanalysis was the idea of the “shadow self.”

The fact that this phrase includes the word “shadow” might come off a little spooky at first, but this is nothing to be wary of!

Although shadow work does sound scary, essentially shadow work is all about healing trauma! 

The “shadow self” is the parts of ourselves that have been pushed down to the unconscious — the parts that we’re insecure about, ashamed of, or frustrated with and therefore repress.

Some of us have become desensitised to these parts of ourselves, we avoid feeling them or dealing with them and even at times can block these parts out.

The concept of the shadow self is based on the notion that we figuratively bury those pieces of personality that we fear would not be welcomed, accepted, or loved by others; therefore, we keep them in the “shadows.”


So pretty much our shadow selves are the versions of ourselves that we do not show society, sometimes even not to ourselves.

So what is shadow work? What are we gonna dance in Mel?!

This is the practice of loving what is, and setting the shame and judgements free, so that we can be our true selves confidently.


We are going to dance in beliefs and help to transform the stories we have created and create ones that empower us now.

Often, the shadow self manifests by causing us to feel triggered by someone else’s words or actions, to experience inner tension, to judge or lash out at others, or to feel insecure and held back.

Shadow work is the process of working with our shadow selves to eradicate their negative effects in our lives and to integrate the separate parts of ourselves into one whole.

Who is ready?!

I've been working on a new way of travelling into the depths, the shadows and visiting your inner child and although some memories can be uncomfortable or painful I am going to cushion you with all the tools to accompany this journey so you feel equipped and confident to transform these wounds and live a life of fulfilment that is not held back by limiting beliefs or old traumas.


I finished this course completely at peace, feeling energised and in a great place. Grounded and faithfully bonded to who I am, knowing she's completely ok and I'm where I need to be, I'm safe and I can go forward with my new tools trustingly and powerfully. I'm incredibly grateful I had this experience.


I have learnt so much about myself. I have found with other approaches such as counselling it brings up the past but then nothing is really done with it and sometimes it makes you feel worse. With the holistic approach Mel uses I'm able to heal things and move on. I have started sharing emotions with my partner again. 


If anyone is thinking of doing any sort of healing work or diving into their traumas I would 100% recommend this immersion. You've helped me go from a very self critical person to a kind, self-accepting version of myself I knew was there all along but could never get past those yucky beliefs I created as a child and into my adult years.


My Dance

After a traumatic and chaotic childhood, wild teen years and early adulthood I am no stranger to trauma or the symptoms and destruction from the left over residue of trauma. I spent majority of the first 25 years of my life living in avoidance, seeking avoidance and feeling pretty miserable in avoidance.

My life felt pretty worthless, I had all of these wounds of pain and it all felt very overwhelming, no amount of therapy seemed to help and no matter how many times I unpacked the traumatic events I just couldn't seem to find closure or let go of the pain, I wore my victimhood as a badge of honour in an attempt to find justice.

Everytime I would leave therapy, I would feel more confused, more anxious and more worthless. I thought I was doomed to live this life of misery.

I couldn't understand why I kept finding myself in these repeating patterns, why I would bottle up my emotions and then explode, why I would attract drama left, right and centre and why I just couldn't feel happiness or joy, life felt meh all of the time and I thought it was normal.

About 6  years ago I decided that enough was enough, I began to look at alternative approaches, I changed my diet, I began meditation and begun to take ownership for my life.

This is where it all begun ... Ownership.

I stopped looking for outside validation, I stopped looking for someone to fix me, I stopped asking why and I started going inwards and offering myself the support I had always needed.

I began to work in my shadows, instead of just revisiting the event, I began to look at how do I change this for me, how can I transform this belief!

Over time it got easier to travel in, easier to change my beliefs and easier to breath.

Life became enjoyable, small changes turned into big changes and my life completely changed, transformed.

Now I'm still human and at times something will trigger me and I'll catch myself reverting back to old coping mechanisms BUT I don't stay there as long, its easier to process and transform because I have learnt how to feel safe in deep self-awareness but also how to navigate my responses.

After some years of doing shadow work and inner child work on my own, countless self-development investments and finishing my Anthropology and Psychology degree I am ready to step into my soul's work.

I have created a course that gently takes you through your shadows, nourishing, holding you safely throughout, all of you is welcome here, this a place to transform, who you enter as is not who you will leave with.

Love Mel xo

How you will dance

This beautiful immersion is centred around creating an intentional and empowered portal where you can begin a deep self-led exploration.

This is a prerecorded offering of the Dance in the Shadows, hosted in Your Holistic Therapy's mobile friendly online platform.

This course has been designed to be self-directed through the online platform where you will have access to my signature program Dance in the Shadows for 6 months.

Your Dance in the Shadows modules are taught to you via prerecorded audio clips, like your own exclusive podcast.

The modules are kept current and up to date with my own learnings, understandings and growth, as my wisdom evolves, so too will the content in this course.​

Travel the modules at your own pace, and be able to revisit them as many times as you like over the 6 months access.

This self-exploration isn't only centred around trauma & shadow work because as we discover during exploring, it  becomes less about the shadows and more what's on the other side - juicy! You will discover your true essence and motivation to live an empowered life ... what that looks like now will 100% change within the work and during the fun exploring.
This program just like all my work  is centred around a holistic approach, mind - body connection and finding out how to spiritually, mentally & physically live a fulfilling life.​

This program is designed to empower you to remember the tools within to help release what doesn't serve, call in more of what you desire and equipping you with tools to help you self-regulate.

Each module will include:

Core Learnings: These learnings are the foundations and structure of our dance.
Soul Learnings: These are resonance between our stories, soul learnings are learnings with the art of storytelling, sharing my own journey and embodiment of the core learnings.
Nourishment: Each module there will be different meditations, journal prompts, music playlists and audio clips to nourish you.

This program will work beautifully and gently with your life in the background needing just a couple of hours a week.

The idea is to gently integrate these learnings into your life so that they slowly change your life effortlessly, you will feel grounded as you travel through each module


Module 1: Nourish - We begin by building a strong foundation before travelling the depths.
Module 2: Presence - Intentionally enter the now. We learn how to navigate limiting beliefs.
Module 3: Essence - How you present to the world is it truely who you are? We begin to shed the layers and connect back in with the true essence of you.
Module 4: Dance in the Shadows - Explore your trauma and see what you are still carrying.
Module 5: Let it make sense - Begin to transform wounds and reparent your inner child.
Module 6: Embodiment - How to embody and empower this new version of you.
Module 7: Integration - Bring it all together.

You're ready to dance in the shadows if you're ready to take ownership of your feelings instead of finding reasons to blame why you feel like that.

You're ready to dance in the shadows if you're ready to trust this process and go all in.

You're ready to dance in the shadows if you're ready to let go of the past and create the future you want.

You're ready to dance in the shadows if you're willing to commit time to yourself each week to do the work.

You're ready to dance in the shadows if you're ready to value yourself and co-create in this safe container by showing up for you.

You're ready to dance in the shadows if you're ready to let go!

Are you ready to dance ?


Please note that due to the nature of this content no refunds are available and all payment plans must be upheld and are final.


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