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Join me for an affordable online live masterclass focused on a specific theme. These self-led sessions typically run for 60 minutes, serving as an excellent opportunity to deepen self-awareness regarding various symptoms or experiences. Each masterclass equips you with practical tools to navigate these aspects effectively. Purchase a spot in one of our upcoming live sessions or access replays from previous masterclasses for a valuable learning experience.


Attachment styles and unresolved trauma are intertwined elements that significantly impact how we form and maintain connections throughout our lives. Our attachment style, shaped by early experiences with caregivers, influences our emotional responses and coping mechanisms in relationships. When unresolved trauma is present, it can intensify attachment challenges, leading to patterns of insecurity, avoidance, or anxious attachment. Unaddressed traumatic experiences can echo into adulthood, shaping our perceptions of trust, intimacy, and vulnerability. Understanding this connection is crucial for creating healthy relationships.

Ready to start your journey towards self-discovery and healing. In this masterclass, dive into the depths of your inner world, reconnecting with the younger versions of yourself, and uncovering the impact of childhood on your present life. 

Abandonment – it's a word that carries a world of emotion within it. From early experiences that have imprinted themselves onto our psyches to unexpected departures that left us with, the impact of feeling abandoned that extends beyond the moment itself. Its effects ripple through our lives, shaping our beliefs about trust, attachment, and our own self-worth.  In this immersive experience, the masterclass focuses on the body's wisdom and the subconscious mind, offering profound healing on multiple levels with emotional release. 

What they're saying

Mel is a true inspiration to not only herself but to others she is offering her help too through conscious nutrition, the way she can come up with a meal plan and tweak it throughout the weeks without starving you is very impressive, the no calorie counting takes all the guess work out of it for yourself and feels much more relaxed, the gentle but strong eating plan makes sense and the weekly check ins really speaks volumes about Mel as a person as she wants you to succeed but also live your best life and not miss out on any events.

- Jessie, Conscious Nutrition 2022

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