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Are you struggling with your weight, mental health, eating patterns, lifestyle habits & body image?

Have you tried every diet fad out there but always end up back at square one?

No matter what number you see on the scale you still feel miserable in your body?

You just want to be able to enjoy food without the anxieties of it fitting into your diet?

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy
Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

Let's cancel diet culture girl!

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Can you relate ?


You want to feel good in your body and clothes but you're struggling to feel confident


You've tried so many diets and you still feel so conflicted and confused about what you should eat


You're struggling with yo-yo dieting, from restrictive eating and then binge eating on the weekends or emotionally


You struggle to find the right lifestyle balance you feel like it's an all or nothing approach that leaves you feeling worthless

Image by Karly Gomez

you're so ready to live a diet free life with confidence, freedom with food and a balanced lifestyle that empowers you

You're in the right place . . .

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Image by Keila Hötzel
Image by Osha Key


A non diet holistic approach using mind, body and nutrition coaching that creates freedom with food.

A uniquely tailored conscious experience shifting your relationship with food and general wellness, resulting in a transformed lifestyle.

I know what it's like to obsess over food, to undereat, overeat and all the extremes in between.

I understand the feelings of shame, the endless yo-yo cycles and many failed diet fads.

I spent majority of my childhood and early adulthood with disordered eating, extreme dieting, emotionally eating and an unhealthy obsession with my weight.

I felt like all my worth, the love I wanted to receive, the social acceptance I craved, it was all dependent on that number on the scale or the digit on my clothes.

The uncontrollable and impulsive bingeing too numb out when the stresses of life would get the better of me and I wanted to escape - to then starving myself and using excessive exercise as a form of punishment for my lack of self-control.

I have worked hard to break free from the chains that my eating behaviours had over me and have created a conscious relationship with food that is free from guilt, disconnected from shame and completely transformed my relationship with not only food but also my body . . . let me teach you how to embody conscious nutrition.


If you're ready to transform your lifestyle and create a conscious holistic connection with mind, body and nutrition to reach your weight and wellness goals- you're in the right place.


I know that there is more to this than it being as simple as following a meal plan, eating X amount of calories and working out X amounts of days. If it was as straight forward as that then disordered eating wouldn't really be a thing. 

When we focus on calories and obsessive exercising we disconnect with our body, we completely numb out intuitive body and hunger cues. It's an unconscious approach that is a short term solution, think bandaid to a long term experience a.k.a LIFE! Calorie counting doesn't empower long-term balanced and enjoyable sustainable lifestyle habits, and frankly that's why we don't use calories or macros during our time working together.

Conscious nutrition uses an integrated approach creating habits and experiences that encourage lifestyle change that empowers you to eat with freedom, variety and flexibility without the guilt!

It's a game changer I'm telling ya!

Using a conscious approach our time together is all about creating a guide that works and balances with your lifestyle goals. The conscious approach is completely personalised to you with a non-diet method, there is absolutely no calorie counting. You can rest assured though that I always have your goals in mind and I adjust the framework accordingly to keep us tracking towards these, I'll focus on the finer details and during this time where you don't have to worry about calories , we work on your mindset around food and get rid of the all or nothing, good and bad beliefs for good!

Learn to nourish your body and mind in a conscious and mindful way reconnecting with your natural body cues. We work not only on nourishing your body and building knowledge around nutrition but we work more so with mindset, because the inner work will directly impact your physical results.

Working consciously will have direct physical results helping you reach your weight goals but more importantly because we use this holistic and integrated framework it will transform and impact your life creating sustainable results and a loving and accepting relationship with food and your body.


We commit to work together for a minimum of 12 weeks as we know it takes time to create lasting habits and sustainable results


We will create a trusting relationship where I support you to achieve your mind, body and nutrition goals with 1:1 personalised coaching.


You will receive 6x 30 min zoom or phone calls where I support you with not only learning nutritional information but working on mindset to create lasting habits and overcome limiting beliefs around your eating patterns. 

You will also have access to a private messenger with me where you can receive weekly support in-between our calls.


You will receive a comprehensive and personalised conscious nutrition lifestyle guide that includes your nutrition plan that is customised to your goals and lifestyle and includes a lot of additional valuable information for meal portions and food choices to build a strong and trusting relationship with food


Your guide will have fortnightly updates and adjustments, it's important that your guide feels good to you and works in with your lifestyle and food preferences. 


Using a conscious approach we will discuss a safe and appropriate way to measure your results as I understand scales and numbers are not always an empowering way to measure results if you are struggling with disordered eating and body image. 

What you'll learn using the conscious approach

Image by coco tafoya
  • How to ditch the diet for good.

  • How to find a healthy and stable weight without restrictive calorie counting and overthinking about what you can and can't eat.

  • How to manage emotional eating.

  • How to enjoy foods you desire in moderation without binging, shame, fear or guilt.

  • How to regulate your appetite and tune into your natural hunger cues

  • Break free from binge and restrictive cycles.

  • Ditch the "all or nothing" mentality.

  • How to work through limiting beliefs relating to your body image, creating a loving and accepting relationship with your body.

  • Confidence in making guilt free food choices

  • Remove the "good or bad" food mentality.

  • Learn how to intuitively eat


Image by Alexandra Gorn

Who is this a good fit for?

Conscious Nutrition is for women between the ages of 16 - 65, any medically safe weight range, and all backgrounds - all walks of life are welcome as we shape conscious nutrition to flow with your life.

You are ready to ditch the diets and commit to a holistic lifestyle change with your mind, body and nutrition that creates lasting sustainable habits and lifestyle changes.

Maybe you have only just began to bring awareness to your general health and wellness, or maybe you've been battling disordered eating and have a disconnected relationship with your body and weight, I’m here to help you break free from these limiting beliefs. 

Ready to create your new conscious lifestyle?

Next intake is March 2024



Pay in full
weekly/monthly payment plans available

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