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Healing your inner child

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Do you repeatedly find yourself in toxic relationships, and despite recognising the pattern, you feel stuck and unable to break free? Did you experience a traumatic event(s) in your childhood, and though years have passed, you still grapple with anxiety and trust issues that impact your daily life and relationships? Have you recently begun questioning your life's purpose and feel a deep desire to understand yourself better? The Inner Child Course is designed for individuals just like you – providing a supportive space to heal emotional patterns, address unresolved trauma, and facilitate personal growth. The transformative course, is a holistic journey designed to guide you through the exploration of your inner self. This course is created for individuals at the beginning of their healing journey, seeking to unlock the depths of their inner child's experiences. As a foundational course in our suite of offerings at Your Holistic Therapy, this course blends psychology, self-development, and holistic wellness to provide a comprehensive understanding of the inner child concept. With a user-friendly and accessible structure, our course aims to support those who may be new to self-development or starting on their healing path for the first time. This course includes: 5 modules with audio lessons, Learn about the inner child, 15 practical holistic techniques to connect with & heal the inner child, learn how to reparent and receive free access to my inner child masterclass valued at $44. Lifetime access.

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