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Abandonment Masterclass


Abandonment – it's a word that carries a world of emotion within it. From early experiences that have imprinted themselves onto our psyches to unexpected departures that left us with, the impact of feeling abandoned that extends beyond the moment itself. Its effects ripple through our lives, shaping our beliefs about trust, attachment, and our own self-worth. The scars of abandonment can manifest in various ways: fear of intimacy, difficulty forming connections, self-doubt, and even a tendency to recreate patterns of loss. About the Masterclass: In this immersive experience, holistic Anthropologist & soon to be therapist Mel welcomes you to a safe online sanctuary for healing and growth as we gather for a guided process. This process focuses on the body's wisdom and the subconscious mind, offering profound healing on multiple levels with emotional release. Guided Somatic Meditation: Led by Mel, experienced in somatic healing, this masterclass features a 45 minute somatic meditation designed to release trapped energies and trauma stored within the body whilst gaining insight about your abandonment wound. Additional resources: You will also receive access to a prerecorded informative session bringing deeper awareness to abandonment and a bonus 5 minute affirmations recording designed to change your beliefs daily. Lifetime access to the session and resources, immediate access.

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