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Your Holistic Therapy

Oh hey! I'm Mel a devoted mother and partner, entrepreneur, Anthropologist, aspiring holistic therapist, and the heart behind Melibu Beauty Bar.


My life's story is weaved with threads of academic achievements, passion for holistic wellness, and the artistry of lash extensions.

In the academic realm, I've earned a Bachelor of Arts with double majors in Psychology and Social Anthropology. I'm currently completing my Masters of Arts in Counselling. My studies have been a compass guiding me toward understanding and advocating for natural approaches to treat trauma and mental health, a pursuit deeply rooted in personal experience. 

Your Holistic Therapy is my vision for a private practice where natural and modern healing systems align to help others heal from addiction and unresolved trauma offering affordable resources and services.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I'm a passionate advocate for natural wellness and holistic living. My journey to sobriety has shown me deeply the transformative power of holistic practices, inspiring me to embody a lifestyle centred on plant-based nutrition, mindfulness, and the focus of a balanced mind, body, and soul.

And then there’s Melibu Beauty Bar—a space where I've devoted six years to mastering the art of lash extensions and other specialised beauty service. It's more than a just a little beauty business; it’s now also a learning academy where I get to help other woman create financial freedom with affordable course to support woman from all walks of life, I have trained over 140 students currently.

In tandem with current studies towards becoming a therapist, I'm expanding my holistic toolkit by training in Medical Herbalism. My aspiration is to bridge the gap between mainstream therapy and natural healing modalities, advocating for their integration into holistic wellness practices.

As a mother navigating the joys and complexities of raising three beautiful soul mates, my personal journey fuels my commitment to holistic living, resilience, and continual growth. Through this  lens, I aim to inspire and empower others to embrace a balanced, authentic life.

Welcome to my world—a fusion of academia, entrepreneurship, wellness and the pursuit of growth.

At Your Holistic Therapy, it's not just about therapy sessions; it's about creating a supportive environment for individuals exploring their healing potential to create empowered lifestyles, purpose driven businesses and fulfilled dreams.

Together, let's explore holistic healing, navigate trauma's complexities, and pave the way towards a more vibrant, healthier life for you.

wanna know more about my personal journey?

After a chaotic and traumatic childhood I spent my teen years and early adulthood battling addiction, anxiety, and low self-worth, I was on the road to self destruction, willingly.

When I became a Mother the defence armour I had built around my heart, my tool of avoidance it came crushing down and I could no longer numb out, all the emotions and trauma I had been suppressing resurfaced and I had no choice but to face it head on, I wanted to break the cycle.

I began a deep self-led holistic healing journey. I tried nearly every modality, I had an open mind and heart, I was willing to give anything a go in order to release this pain.

My life changed, it transformed and eventually I went on to study my Bachelor of Arts specialising in Psychology and Social Anthropology and now currently I am on to my Masters in counselling. Anthropology is the studies of people, culture, religion etc and my Anthropology research specialisation is in mental health and trauma, my aim is to introduce holistic modalities to the mainstream funded services (aim for the stars!) so that I can help others transform their life and heal, unconventionally, naturally - holistically.

​I have a passion and love for working with women, from all walks of life and different backgrounds. I know first hand how hard it can be to know you want more but to have no idea where to start or how too, and I know too how powerful and life changing this work is.

When you connect with me I bring you modern knowledge through my Bachelor of psychology and holistic knowledge through my lived experiences and Anthropology thesis research. Holistic wellness is at the centre of everything I do and create both in my work and personally.

The life experience I have, the resonance between our stories I trust deeply that it all happened so I could be right here alongside your journey with you, which I feel truely honoured to be apart of, Your Holistic Therapy is about you, I truely believe that with the right encouragement and tools we are all healers and my work is to help guide you back to yourself.

Connect with me on my personal journey through my blog or come explore my offerings.


My Expertise

At Your Holistic Therapy, I have years of experience helping individuals overcome trauma, mental health issues, and addiction. I am dedicated to providing compassionate and effective care to help you achieve your goals. I use a holistic approach to healing that focuses on your overall wellbeing. Let me help you on your journey to a happier, healthier you.


2024 - Present

Postgraduate Diploma Counselling & Guidance (Working towards my Masters in Counselling)

2023 - Present

Certificate in Medical Herbalism


Bachelor of Arts Psychology / Social Anthropology

Certificate in Teeth Whitening

Certificate in Hybrid Brows


Certificate in Usui Ryoho Reiki


Certificate in Small Business Level 3&4

Certificate in Advanced Russian Volume

Certificate in Acrylgel


Certificate In Nail Technology (Full)

Certificate in Classic Lash Extensions


Diploma in Advanced Makeup Artistry

Certificate in Spraytanning

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